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Modern designing is not completed at the stage of the specification. The highest quality of the product and timely implementation of the whole undertaking requires the designer’s involvement in the entire process of the production and assembly.

Only in such a situation it is possible to ensure modern construction solutions at the highest level of reliability and preserving rational expenditures to the implementation and assembly.
Our experience of many years indicates a whole lot of possibilities to improve exploitation reliability of elements at the implementation stage by selecting proper materials and modifying the designing solutions. The organization of the manufacturing and assembly processes are equally crucial to the costs and deadlines of the whole project. At the executive stage we ensure the task implementation within the agreed deadline by selecting the optimal organization of the project, e.g. overall coordination of the supplies and operations or forming a consortium implementing the whole project.
As a result the construction costs are reduced owing to the free choice of particular subcontractors by the Investor basing on the selected and reliable offers as well as current and direct payments for the agreed on supplies and implementation stages.
As the main contractor we provide technological and organizational surveillance over the manufacturing, supplies and assembly as well as guarantees for the applied solutions and manufacture deliveries. We guarantee a high quality of the implemented project by the selection of specialized contractors for particular construction, machine, electrical and other systems as well as for the assembly.